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2015SCI 1 , EI 5 , 其他 0 篇)


Jun Zhang, Zhixian Chen, Ying Hu,Jianwei Zhang. Multitasking Planning and Executing of Intelligent Vehicles for Restaurant Service by Networking.International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks .2015(已录用,SCIIF0.665) 


1.Rongjun Zhang, Yucheng He, Peng Zhang, Ying Hu.The Bottle Size Detection System Based on Bayesian Classifier.IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation,2015 .(已录用,EI) 

2.Xiangquan Sun,Yucheng He, Ying Hu,Peng Zhang.Design of a Robotic Endoscope Holder for Sinus Surgery.IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics,2015.(已录用,EI) 

3. Haiyang Jin, Liwei Zhang, Sebastian Rockel, Jun Zhang.A Novel Optical Tracking based Tele-control System for Tabletop Object Manipulation Tasks.IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems,2015.(已录用,EI) 

4.Yu Wnag, Zhen Deng, Yu Sun, Binsheng Yu.State Detection of Bone Milling with Multi-sensor Information Fusion.IEEE Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics,2015.(已录用,EI)

5.Mengqian Sun,Bing Li,Ying Hu,Hong Zhang. Bone-remodeling of Lower-leg or Foot for Orthopedic Osteotomy with External Fixators.IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation,2015. (已录用,EI) 

2014SCI 5, EI 16 , 其他 0 篇)

2013 SCI 5 篇;EI 9 ,其他 6 篇)

2012 SCI 7 篇;EI 13 篇;其他 1 篇)

2011 SCI 2 篇;EI 10 篇,其他 1 篇)

2010 SCI 3 篇;EI 13 篇)



1.《开源机器人操作系统—ROS, 科学出版社,张建伟、张立伟、胡颖、张俊, 2012.9出版

2.Jun Zhang, Ying Hu, Jianwei Zhang, Haiyang Jin and Zhijian Long, "Analysis and Design of a Bionic Fitness Cycle," in Biologically Inspired Robotics, Y. Liu and D. Sun, Eds., ed: CRC Press, 2011, p.33-53.



2015(申请发明5 项;授权发明12项)

2014(申请发明5 项;授权发明6项)

2013 (申请发明 16 项;授权实用新型6项,外观设计1项,发明4项)

2012 (申请发明 11 项,实用新型 2 项;授权实用新型1项)

2011 (申请发明 6 项 ;授权实用新型1项)

2010 (申请发明 4 项,实用新型 4 项,外观设计1项)



1. “家庭监控机器人”项目荣获2008年第十届中国国际高新技术成果交易会成果转化优秀项目奖


3.论文 “Integrating HTN Planner in Cleaning-Security Robot:Handling Planning with Memory and Problem Template” 获得 ICAL2010会议最佳学生论文提名奖


5.论文 “A Novel High Adaptability Out-door Mobile Robot with Diameter-variable Wheels” 获得 ICIA2011会议最佳学生论文提名奖

6.论文 “Intraoperative Drilling State Recognition with Image-Force Fusion” 获得MFI2012会议最佳应用论文奖。





11.论文“Spinal Physiological Motion Simulator and Compensation Method for a Robotic Spinal Surgical System” 获得ROBIO2014 最佳论文奖

12.论文“Modal Analysis of a Tooth-PDL-Bone Complex”获得ICIST2014最佳学生论文奖

13.论文“A new scheme of multiple automated guided vehicle system for collision and deadlock free”获得ICIST2014 最佳论文提名奖

14.论文“An Endoscope Holder with Automatic Tracking Feature for Nasal Surgery”获得ICIA2016最佳学生论文奖

15.论文"Compliance Control Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Approach for Physical Human-Robot Interaction"获得RCAR2016最佳论文提名奖